Fund Manager

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Fund Manager 1.1.0.x requires Java 6.0 update 12 or later.

To Install:

1. Download fundmanager_1.1.0.1.exe.
2. Double click exe file to start installation.
3. If java is NOT installed in the system, the installer will download and install JRE 6_update_12 and then proceed to complete the installation of the application.
4. Application shortcuts are created on desktop and startup folder.
5. User is prompted to start the application when installation is finished.
6. If user chooses not to start the application on completing installation, it will start automatically when Windows restarts next time.

To Run Manually:

Simply type the below at a command line or double click on the jar or exe file in Windows.

java -jar fundmanager.jar

Linux Tips:

Some Linux distributions include GCJ or the OpenJDK preinstalled as the default Java installation.
Install the Sun JRE or JDK to ensure best results and set it as the default JVM if you have multiple flavors installed.

Building Fund Manager:

SVN contains default projects for Netbeans IDE with JDK1.6 update 12.

The default ant build.xml is Netbeans specific.

After opening the project in Netbeans, add all the jars to project library. Then rightclick the project and select "clean and build".
A new jar will be generated in the folder named "dist" within the project folder.

To execute the jar from the project folder using command line:

1. Copy the newly compiled fundmanager jar to the project root folder where other folders viz. config, lib exists.
2. Either double click fundmanager.exe/jar OR open command prompt, change directory to the project folder and type "java -jar fundmanager.jar"